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Press Note On 11.03.19 Blind Murder Traced in 2 Hours

Press Note

                                                Today Mr. Dhruv Dahiya, IPS. Senior Superintendent of Police, Khanna has disclosed in a press note that as per the directions of Worthy Sh. Dinkar Gupta, IPS. Director General of Police, Punjab, Chandigarh & Sh. Ranbir Singh Khatra, IPS. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Ludhiana Range, Ludhiana and under the guidelines of Sh. Surjit Singh, PPS. DSP/Payal, Insp. Karnail Singh SHO/Doraha's ASI Mohinderpal Singh alongwith police party have cracked down the mystery of Blind Murder/Rape/Kidnapped of Minor Girl (the incident was happened on 09.03.19) & traced the case FIR no. 37, dated 10.03.19 U/s 302/379-A/363-A IPC 3/4/8 Protection of Children Sexual Act 2012 PS/Doraha the investigation was very deeply done by Doraha Police. Khanna Police get the success at the time when Inspector Karnail Singh SHO/PS/Doraha's ASI Mohinderpal Singh gets the information that an unknown dead body of minor girl was there in Lakkar Mandi Godown Road Doraha. On the spot they go there and take the dead body in the police custody and send her to Civil Hospital Ludhiana and start investigation and the Kidnapping, Rape & Murder of this Girl having the age of 7 years 6 months. In  relation to this case Vinod Shah (age about 20/21 Years) S/o Shub Narayan R/o Banua District Dumriya (U.P) & Rohit Kumar (age about 18/19 Years) both now resident at Doraha accused have been arrested from Railway Station Doraha and was planning to escape from Doraha. During investigation they profess that the father of this girl lives in a rented house. and they make her father drink liquor and takes the girl by making excuse to give candies and kidnapped her and take her to a abandon Godown Near Railway Lines Doraha and we both first raped and then murdered her.

                                                Inspector Karnail Singh SHO/Doraha alongwith police party does the investigation very deeply and solve this kidnapping/Blind Murder/Rape case in 2 hours. Above case has been traced and accused have been arrested