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Press Note on 06.03.19 Thives Arrested (2 Cars & 8 Motor Cycles recovered)

Press note

                                    Sh. Dhruv dhaiya IPS, SSP, Khanna has disclosed the information through press note that as per the directions of worthy Sh. Dinkar Gupta, IPS Director General of Police, Punjab, Chandigarh, Sh Ranbir Singh Khattra IPS, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Ludhiana Range, Ludhiana under their  campaign against the Drug Peddlers & Delinquents achieved success when on dated 06.03.2019 under the guidelines Sh. Manjit Singh, PPS, DSP/Special Branch, Khanna, Insp. Harwinder Singh Incharge CIA/Staff/Khanna & ASI Sukhwinder Singh PS/City-1,Khanna alongwith with Police party were checking suspicious vehicles/persons then informer gives intimation to them that Sukhwinder Singh @ Sukha S/o Madan Singh, Sanjay Kumar S/o Balkar Singh residence of Gige Majra PS/Sohana Distt. Mohali and Ravinder Singh @ Ravi S/o Ram Nath R/o Lalru Distt. Mohali involved in stealing cars and bikes and same persons are coming in a Stolen Car No. PB-11-T-8363 from Samrala side and said that if a barricading is done then they can be captured with stolen Car. Then Police party immediately reacts and captures the three persons with stolen car by barricading. A FIR no. 58 dated 05.03.2019 U.S 379/411/473/34 IPC has lodged against three accused persons in PS/City-1, Khanna.

                                    During investigation above accused persons told that they had stolen 8 Moyorcycles and 2 Cars (Zen), which are recovered by Khanna Police. The mastermind of this Gang is Sukhwinder Singh @ Sukha S/o Madan Singh, who forges the Counterfeit keys and then use the keys to stole the vehicles. Accused persons are still under investigation and during investigation there are possibilities to attain vital divulgations.

1.                  PB-11-T-8363 (Fake No.) Zen Car (Stolen from Rajpura Byepass)

2.                  Zen Car (Without No.) Stolen from Marriage Palace Rajpura.

3.                  PB-11-AG-2580 Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Phase-11, Mohali.

4.                  PB-65-T-0567 Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Phase-11, Mohali.

5.                  PB-65-AG-7509 Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Phase-11, Mohali.

6.                  PB-11-RS-2227 Pulsar Motorcycle Stolen from Rajpura.

7.                  PB-11-AX-7242 Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Vill. Khera (Banur).

8.                  PB-11-AS-0918 Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Gurdwara Sahib Sohana.

9.                  PB-65-Q-8547 Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Near Railway Station Rajpura.

10.             Without No. Splendor Motorcycle Stolen from Rajpura.