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NameASI. Jagjit Singh
DesignationI/C/PP/Kot (PS/Sdr/Khanna)
Date of Posting02.03.19
Contact Office.
Contact Mobile95929-14036
E-mail ID-
NameASI. Karamjit Singh
DesignationI/C/PP/issru (PS/Sdr/Khanna)
Date of Posting20.10.18
Contact Office.
Contact Mobile95929-14034
E-mail ID-
NameASI. Pavittar Singh
DesignationI/C/PP/Rouni (PS/Payal)
Date of Posting15.10.18
Contact Office.
Contact Mobile95929-14039
E-mail ID-
NameASI Baldev Raj
DesignationI/C/PP/Sihar (PS/Maloud)
Date of Posting08.12.18
Contact Office0161-2857411
Contact Mobile95929-13652
E-mail ID-
NameASI. Kuldeep Singh
DesignationI/C/PP/Heddon (PS/Samrala)
Date of Posting02.03.19
Contact Office.
Contact Mobile95929-14040
E-mail ID-
NameASI Balwant Singh
DesignationI/C/PP/Bardhalan (PS/Samrala)
Date of Posting03.03.19
Contact Office-
Contact Mobile95929-14035
E-mail ID-
NameASI Vijaypal Singh
DesignationI/C/PP/Sherpur (PS/M/Wara)
Date of Posting26.09.18
Contact Office.
Contact Mobile95929-14041
E-mail ID-
NameASI. Darshan Lal
DesignationI/C/PP/Behlolpur (PS/M/Wara)
Date of Posting08.01.19
Contact Office.
Contact Mobile95929-14042
E-mail ID-
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